They Must Unite! Taxi Protest Against Uber!

Wirklich ganz übel, was da abgeht. Ich werde mal sehen, ob ich den Bericht über besagte App noch finde. Ich kann nur davon abraten. Nicht nur, weil ich als Taxiunternehmerin betroffen bin.

Urban Mobility Berlin

From our Studio in Berlin we just had a great view over the taxi protest round up at Ernst-Reuter Platz. The taxi industry unites in many european cities today against the 17 billion dollar company Uber and their fellows. Around 1000 taxis just passed by the 17th of June Street to show their anger and fear from the disruptive transportation network companies. The head of a San Francisco cab company even predicts these internet services to put the taxi industry out of business within the next 18 months. The cab drivers see a disadvantage in competitions since Uber drivers don’t have to stick to the same strict regulations according to health and automobil checks. A sign of change and warning to any industry – there might be a small unremarkable start-up somwhere that will screw your sophisticatet and approved business model!


From our Studio in Berlin we just had a great view…

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